Nursery School

Abodeschools Nursery

The introductory years of a child’s education are brimming with excitement, exploration, investigation and discovery. Preschool is a fundamental time when children are first introduced to a world beyond the secure familiarity of home life. Here, they will become more independent and socially confident, begin to make friends, and experience new opportunities to play and learn, while also interacting with adults beyond their immediate family.

As part of a school, Abodeschools has a consistent record of preparing children for full-time education and the preschool class enjoy phonics and numeracy as well as time in Forest School, Spanish, Dance and Music. With a focus on each child’s individual needs and by working in true partnership with parents, we inspire and motivate children to be curious about the world around them.

Each room is designed to meet the needs of that age of children and ensures they are comfortable, happy and develop in all areas of learning. We are passionate about providing a high quality Early Years education through play which inspires and motivates children and allows them to reach their next steps in development. The enabling, well-resourced fun and happy environment allows children to direct their own learning in a creative and imaginative way.

Our highly qualified nursery team provide a warm and inviting setting which helps children to settle quickly. We take care to get to know each child, to bond with them and identify their strengths and areas that need scaffolding to support their progress. We pride ourselves on building good partnerships with parents and carers promoting family values so that we can work together to support the children in their developmental journey through Long Close School.

We have high expectations of all the children as they become confident, motivated, independent learners who are not only creative but also critical thinkers.